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Sugar Division

Realizing the importance of by-products, our Sugar factory has diversified its business in other areas.

The Sugar Factory has a 45 KLPD HiFerm GR–Fermentation with Integrated and Stand Alone Evaporation with Multi-pressure vacuum Distillation Technology with Spent wash Concentration and incineration Unit which will be commissioned and commercial production in October 2018. The Plant has a capacity to manufacture 135.0 lakh liters Rectified Spirit (R.S.) per annum or 135.0 lakh litres ENA per annum. Cane Molasses is the final liquid leftover after the crystallization of sugar which will be used as a Raw Material for Distillery production.

We produce white crystal fine sugar of M & S grade with double sulphation process.

Where clarified sugar cane juice treated and mixed with sulphur di-oxide and outcome is known as sulphured syrup.

Which is sent for pan boiling for crystallization process and then final free flow sugar crystal forms.

Sr. no. Grade Size ICUMSA
1. M-30 1.2 to 1.7 MM 90 - 110 IU
2. S-30 0.6 to 0.8 MM 70 - 90 IU
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