Jaywant Sugars Limited

Company Overview

Jaywant Sugars Ltd. (JSL) is an agribusiness & bio-energy corporation. JSL is result of a compelling vision to emerge as the most efficient sugar processor and to drive an inspiring business model.

Company Name Jaywant Sugars Limited,
Tal- Karad,
Dist- Satara
Company Registration No. CIN.U15421 PN 2006 PLCO 21789
Installed capacity 2500 TCD with 10 MW Co-Generation.
Turbine Triveni
Sales Tax Registration No. 27060564067 V/C
Excise Registration No. AABCJ 6812DXM001
Bankers S.V.C. Bank Ltd, Karad
I.D.B.I. Bank Ltd, Karad
D.N.S. Bank Ltd, Karad
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